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Buying Gear

We provide gear for all of our beginner classes, and will help support a fencers transition to purchasing their own gear, so long as our new beginners have enough. We also provide loaner electric equipment on Friday Nights for anyone that needs to borrow. General Advice: When ordering electric point weapons (epee and foil) it has been recommended to me by many an   armorer  that you should opt for German points. I personally prefer the V2 or Extra German barrels because they don't get dented as easily. All German points are easier to maintain and break far less frequently than the French points and barrels. Cotton vs Nylon; There are two types of basic gear, cotton and nylon (nylon can be called deluxe, stretchy, or even just nylon). They both offer the same amount of protection for the fencer. The difference is in the comfort, durability, cleanability, and price of the two types. Cotton is cheaper usually. Nylon is much more comfortable to wear because it is lighter an

Going to a Competition

Heading to a competition is an exciting time. Competition is where you go to test your skills against other fencers. They are a lot of fun and can teach you a lot. Remember to go in with a humble attitude and an open mind. Always be respectful and polite to the referee, host club, and other fencers. USA Fencing Membership To attend a competition you will need a USA Fencing Membership. For Unsanctioned competitions you sometimes only need a non-competitive member, however most fencing events require you to have a Competitive Membership. Competitive Memberships cost $75 per year and are renewed every August 1st. If you happen to be upgrading to Competitive for the first time and it is after April 1st, you Competitive Membership is good until the following August 1st! You can get your USA Fencing membership on their website: Finding a Competition Fencing competitions are found at It is a great resource that allows you to search competitions in

Touch of Spring 2018

We had a lot of fun this year. Our youth event went quite smoothly and we got to hand out medals to 4 fencers from our division. We got Ethan his first paid referee experience (and he rocked at it!) The Senior Mixed event was lots of fun and we got some nice compliments on how smooth it went.  The fencers even remembered to keep up with their nutrition! The Medal winners for the senior Div II foil event. Congratulation to Carl on winning the Gold and renewing his E to a 2018!