Class Descriptions

Monday 1.5 hour Beginner Foil Fencing is a foil focused class that provides a great basis for fencing with all three weapons. We begin by going over basic foot work and suiting everyone up with protective gear. We then slowly work through bladework skills and foot work skills to develop a tactical sense of fencing based off the short tactical wheel. This class is primarily taught by coach Jen. It meets on Monday nights for 12 weeks from 8 pm until 9:30 pm. The cost of that class is $90 for program member or $70 for Y members.

Wednesday 1.5 hour Intermediate Foil is there for anyone looking to take their skills to the next level. This is a drill based class with the intent of improving your fencing skills and developing your mind to get ready for local competitions. To join this class you should have your own protective gear (mask, glove, jacket, and plastron). Practice weapons can be provided for you, but it would be nice to have your own for practicing at home.  This class is taught by Coach Dan, and it meets on Wednesdays evenings for 12 weeks from 8 pm until 9:30 pm. The cost is $90 for program members or $70 for Y members, and it is capped at 14 registered fencers. You can also pay a drop in fee of $10 per session if you do not register for the entire class.

Friday 1.5+ hour Open Bouting is the primary club practice and the heart of the West Shore Fencing Club. It is open bouting from 8-930 in the gym and open to fencers of all levels who have passed a beginner class. This is where you get together with your fellow fencers to test your skills and have some fun fencing each other. We can put up as many as 4 electric strips, and we have electric gear there for all three weapons: including body cords, lames, and electric weapons.  I highly encourage everyone to participate on Friday nights. The cost of the open bouting sessions are $90 for program member or $70 for Y members. It runs every Friday night from 8 pm until 9:30 pm in the large gym. You can also pay a drop in fee of $10 per session if you do not register for the entire class. The open bouting is organized by Coach Dan.

Friday 1 hour Intermediate Foil is a drilling and tactical application class to help with bouting. The class is similar to the Wednesday night class in structure and it is also taught by Coach Jen. The goal of this class is to help our foil fencers who wish to compete at local and regional events. This class is 1 hour long and meets on Friday nights from 7 pm until 8 pm. The cost is $60 for program members and $50 for Y members. You can also pay a drop in fee of $10 per session if you do not register for the entire class.

Friday 1 hour Beginner/Intermediate Saber is open to all levels from beginner to experienced fencers. It is a class focused solely on Saber with a 16 week teaching rotation that starts with a review of basic saber footwork and rules, and ends with some complex saber actions and bouting by week 16. It is best if you have your own gear, however we will provide full gear to new beginners and saber gear to existing fencers who do not have saber equipment. This class is taught by coach Dan and meets on Friday nights from  7 pm until 8 pm. The cost is $60 for program members and $50 for Y members. You can also pay a drop in fee of $10 per session if you do not register for the entire class.

Fencing Class Progression Recommendations
With all the different classes that we are offering it seems appropriate to give some recommendations as to which class or classes someone should take. We generally see three different types of fencers: Beginner Fencers, Recreational Fencers, and Competitive Fencers.

Beginner Fencers have two options open to them: Our traditional foil focused Monday 1.5 hour Beginner Foil Fencing. It is a great program that can help give a solid base for all three weapons. We also have the Friday 1 hour Beginner/Intermediate Saber  open to new beginners. That class will be exclusively focused on Saber, so it will be less translatable to the other weapons, but it should still be a fun class.

Beginner Fencers: Monday 1.5 hour Beginner Foil Fencing  or Friday 1 hour Beginner/Intermediate Saber 

Recreational Fencers are people who just enjoy fencing. They have already passed a beginner course or possibly fenced elsewhere for some time. They might go compete in the occasional competition, but they are not driven to strive for those ratings. If you are a recreational fencer, I recommend signing up for the Friday 1.5+ hour Open Bouting. This is the class you will enjoy the most because you will get to fence other West Shore Fencers Club members. You could also sign up for either an Intermediate Foil class to improve your skills and help keep you sharp, or take the Friday Saber Class to learn an additional weapon.

Recreational FencersFriday Open Bouting and optionally an Intermediate Foil or Friday Saber.
Competitive Fencers are the people who intend to go to the local and regional competitions regularly. At other clubs most of the competitive fencers train at least two times a week and participate in an open bouting session. We are very pleased that we can match the group training opportunities of other competitive clubs. Competitive minded fencers should take the Wednesday 1.5 hour Intermediate Foil, the Friday 1 hour Intermediate Foil, and the Friday Open Bouting (You could substitute the Friday Saber Class for the Friday Advanced Foil Class if you wanted to take up saber as well).

Competitive FencersFriday Open BoutingWednesday Intermediate Foil, and Friday Intermediate Foil (You could sub the Saber class for the Friday advanced Foil if you wanted to fence both weapons)